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Altiris is the most known.
Some open source alternatives:

ITAM (IT Automation Management)

Update #1:
If I get it right, you want to be able to automate any Microsoft-based Windows OS workstation? Just imagine that, you have some machines and you want to check their workstation for a condition, and do something with a tool specific to it, under an agreed service contract (some free of charge, some would be paid).
And you want to automate this? You have a list of machines and condition you want to check.
You must have the correct credentials on those machines.

What would you do to automate a workstation after unlocking it?

You need some software to do that and it sounds like you have the list of you want to work with.
I recommend:

TIVIG (I don’t know if it is still maintained)

It is probably the most easy to use. You don’t even need the user’s password, in the config file you just put the person’s service contract number, the user’s group and the workstation’s condition.
Once this is done, you go to its interface and you just click. You don’t have to make any security patch or anything else before. You just do your workstation check.

The support contract you are currently using?

You shouldn’t have a good number of workstation condition, you can add more of them, but this will be of your responsibility since it is a contract for providing support.
So, one way to control what happens to a workstation is to control who can perform this action.

Log in to the workstation
Do whatever you are going to do
Perform your action
Log out

This is the whole management cycle.

It could be messy because if you get a machine with a problem, don’t get the administrator’s credentials, you can’t help.

Now it depends on you which software you prefer or maintain. So, you have to see a list of alternatives.

If you just want to check some workstations, who knows if the user will log out or not

You have at least two solutions:

An LDAP or Active Directory. For this, you should use your existing domain and the tool mentioned above will be able to work with it.
It may take

ITPro ToolKit Full Product Key For Windows

In addition to providing discovery and data collection activities, ITPro ToolKit IT HelpDesk is an Active Directory management and monitoring utility that provides a management console for Active Directory that allows IT support staff to manage and monitor computers across the network.
The user interface consists of a set of icons. IT Pro ToolKit uses Active Directory to display information about user and computer properties.
ITPro ToolKit can be easily configured to work with a Remote Desktop Services deployment of Active Directory. Once you have added the necessary permissions to create new workstations on your RDS Servers, ITPro ToolKit can be installed without prompting for any administrative credentials. All queries are silently sent to the Remote Desktop Services Server for processing.
Comparing to other Administrator utilities, ITPro ToolKit has many similarities to the more popular Windows 2003 Directory Services Administrator. ITPro ToolKit does not have the vast number of wizards and «help» buttons of Windows 2003 Directory Services. There are very few toolbars and fewer icons per workstation. Most of the work is done by using the text version of the tool window or a search function.
ITPro ToolKit is a tool that can be used over the network. The user is not required to have administrative rights to a remote system. This is a separate, stand-alone application that can be used to query/manage a server without the requirement of elevated permissions. ITPro ToolKit can provide helpdesk support, domain based administrative tasks and remote management support on a limited number of computers.
You can run ITPro ToolKit, Server 2008, Vista, 2003, 2000, NT, OS X, DOS and Unix-based operating systems.

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ITPro ToolKit Crack Activation Code With Keygen

ITPro ToolKit (Version 1.5 or higher) is an easy-to-use, rich-client tool for supporting computers and users in your Active Directory. ITPro ToolKit supports remote control and administrative sessions to Active Directory. ITPro ToolKit can be used with any Windows Active Directory client to automate a large number of tasks such as:
■ Enabling and disabling users
■ Resetting passwords
■ Add and remove users from groups
■ Managing computers
■ Adding and removing users and computers from the Domain
■ Managing network security groups
■ Describe AD Objects and get details about them
■ Lock User Account
■ Terminate Session
■ Start Session
■ Administrative Commands
■ Security Commands
■ Easily access log files.
Built-in application supports such as:
1) DirSearch: From Active Directory, searching by name, display name, location or SID (security identifier)
2) DirHistory: Log file of recently searched/managed computers
■ Add a new computer to Active Directory
■ Delete a computer from Active Directory
■ Obtain detailed information about a computer in Active Directory.
■ Delete a user from Active Directory
■ Rename a user or group in Active Directory
■ Add a new user to a group in Active Directory
■ Attach and detach users/computers to/from the Domain
■ Enable, disable, lock, unlock, reset and change passwords of users/computers
■ Add and remove users from security groups.
■ Refresh/update users/groups password policy
■ Information about the physical configuration of the network.
■ View logs of the computer.
■ Remotely control user and computer.
■ Use standard Active Directory commands, such as «net user» to change user account information.
■ Used with any Windows Active Directory client to automate the daily operations such as:
1) Add and Remove computers from the Active Directory
2) Administrative Commands and Commands used to manage security.
■ Add new computers to the Active Directory
■ Remove computers from the Active Directory
■ Get detailed information about computers in Active Directory
■ Test Computers
■ Delete Computers
■ Delete

What’s New In ITPro ToolKit?

The «ITPro ToolKit» is a complete Active Directory infrastructure solution that provides you with the following features:
■ Administrative views to quickly look at the components of your Active Directory Infrastructure.
■ Remote and local event management.
■ Password reset and change.
■ Self Discovery.
■ Computer and user management.
■ Local and remote computer remediation.
■ Email reminders to users.
■ Secured environment for remote administration.
■ Management of the Microsoft OneDrive and WindowsOneDrive accounts.
■ Global lock down.
■ Easy content search.
■ Highly customizable views with filter settings.
■ User and computer powershell integration.
■ File management.
■ Easily edit new accounts.
■ New users, groups and computers can be created with a friendly user interface.
■ User and computer fields can be automatically populated from Active Directory.
■ Windows Firewall inbound and outbound settings can be configured for efficient administration.
ITPro ToolKit is a free or low cost add-on for Windows Server 2012. Installation is a snap and all that’s required is that you have administrative rights on the local computer where you install ITPro ToolKit.
New users and computers in Active Directory are automatically created based on the attributes of the Active Directory attributes.
In addition to the standard Active Directory users and computers, the «ITPro ToolKit» can also search for a domain user who logs into a remote system.
NOTE: ITPro ToolKit is not an Anti Virus tool. ITPro ToolKit is able to monitor and fix any local computer with an error. It is NOT designed to detect and remove viruses or other IT problems.
Download ITPro ToolKit now for free and start looking for computers or users in your Active Directory. ITPro ToolKit is a powerful tool for Active Directory environments.


Check out WinDirStat, it’s free and you can read about it here.

WinDirStat is a terminal application for displaying detailed directory and disk usage statistics. It is in active development, with frequent updates and new features.


Clare Foy

Actor Clare Foy, who played “Alice” in the 2014 fantasy movie Big Eyes, has been nominated for an Emmy for outstanding

System Requirements:

DirectX: 9.0
OS: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo, AMD Athlon 64 X2, Intel Core i3, AMD Phenom X2
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Hard Disk Space: 6 GB
Video Card: NVIDIA 8800 GTS 512 or AMD Radeon HD 4870
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0 compatible sound card
Other Requirements:
Please keep in mind that as far as this

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