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Sci-fi action dating sim for single people.
Play as a hero, and guide humanity to victory.
Get to know 5 ladies on an exciting journey across the desert.
The story will be written based on your character interaction and decision.
Meet, date and eventually get married with 5 unique ladies.
Your social life and future depend on your character relations with the ladies.
If your hero gets enough points, he could be nominated to get married!
Main Features:
Sci-fi action dating sim.
Full English voice act for each heroine.
Get to know 5 ladies on an exciting journey across the desert.
Unique in-game romantic relationships.
Hours of gameplay.
Different endings.
City and desert environment.
Whether or not the men will win over each character.
Energy, health, love, money, day/night, night and love status system.
Hundreds of items which can be used as a gift, food or support in battle.
Mini battle with the aliens.
Translations for US, JPN, and UK.
Fixed some bugs.
About This Game:
5 girls waiting for you on the desert area.
Along with the girl, there will be a cat, a fox, a bat, a white ant and a chameleon.
Solve the mystery behind the girls, and find the answer in this very dating sim.
After the mischievous aliens, humans will face the mystery that is said to be attached to the city and the desert.
Around you, in-game objects are waiting to be found.
There will be 3 day/night battles, and one event when you can have a conversation with all of the girls.
It will take around 7 hours to reach the last day.
You are a hero for humanity.
Will you save the city from the aliens?
Get ready for an adventure with the girls.
There are no spoilers in the story.
Persona designer – Sawaguchi Kei
Art Director – Satou Hajime
Character artist – Ayano Touhou
Planner – Kiyoshi Satou
Scenario writer – Kudo Eisuke
Music Composer – Erusuga
Sound Director – Sugiura Tatsuya
Producer – Sawaguchi Kei
Programmer – Sato Natsuki
Programmer – Sawaguchi Kei
Producer – Ryujo Kawamura
Producer – Ry


Features Key:

  • Platform: PC / Windows XP / 7. Max and avg. computers needed: 128Mb RAM and 2GB RAM..
  • For 11 years a young man has been mentally tortured and starved to death in a British courthouse cell for a murder he did not commit.
  • Someone is killing Scotland Yard’s finest. No clue to go on. And it’s back to the usual formula. Kill or be killed.
  • Number of Characters: Up to four players can take part in the adventures at the same time.
  • For 1 to 8 players (network and not network)
  • New in version 2.3.0: Improved performance, faster loading, improved mini-dungeon design, and more characters in story mode.
  • The other players can be in different cities or on different continents, as long as they share the same world. It is not a required setting, and it is very easy to play with only a few guests.
  • Graphical diversity: architecture, forest, city, coast, desert, swamp, glass city (very).
    Character set n A-Z.
  • Upgrade score system
  • Community: Players can add facts, and save game files.
  • Automatic levelup system
  • Build own Character
  • Upgrade system, spawn heroes able to fight against opponents.
  • Randomness: In random difficulties especially.
  • Per-character equipment
  • Multiple difficulty modes can be chosen by the players. In general, it can be used without problem for four players and a death penalty of only one player.
  • Switch player has «easy» difficulty clicking on the minimap
  • Unlockable items…
  • Save files (preceded by date of game then date of change) located in the Resolution layer
  • A special rate for a limited time.
  • Remake «hello world» genre.
  • Recommended Game Play


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      The people of the desert city of Terra Isle needs to be protected from mysterious attacks by aliens. The one who will stop the aggressors will be treated with a love potion from the heroines which will help them capture the heart of the heroines for good.
      The city itself will contain many activities for you to enjoy and support the people who are fighting the aliens. You can travel through the city on your motorcycle with an airship as a companion.
      Join the adventure with your dream girl(s)!
      Developers (Celestial Elegance Games)
      Yoichiro Tsuchiya (Project director)
      Takahiro Usui (Mascot)
      Simone Martini (Internal character designer)
      Takayuki Taki (Internal designer)
      Alain Macon (Intern)
      Heiichiro Wada (Intern)
      Genya Kuroda (Intern)
      Andy Wang (Artist)
      Toshiaki Taguchi (Artist)
      Celine Chimpouch (File maker)
      Additional Artist (Shinsuke Kimura)
      Additional Sound (Nobuyuki Kikuchi)
      Additional Composer (Takayuki Taki)
      Additional Composer (Shigeyuki Toudou)
      Additional Composer (Stefan Heydrich)
      Sound Supervisor (Daiki Ogura)
      Additional Composer (Perry Alexander)
      Additional Composer (Ishikawa Kazunari)
      Additional Composer (Stephanie Muller)
      Additional Composer (Arin Alexandur)
      Additional Composer (Rytis Kipras)
      Additional Composer (Robert T. Y. Koo)
      Additional Composer (Venay)
      Additional Composer (Konishi Masataka)
      Additional Composer (Shota Yasuda)
      Additional Composer (Tsutaaki Sakazaki)
      Additional Composer (Patrick Dussaulere)
      Additional Composer (Antti Söderholm)
      Additional Composer (Christoph Homann)
      Additional Composer (Thomas Daniels)
      Additional Composer (Heino Kahkonen)
      Additional Composer (Kayaman Vermeulen)
      Additional Composer (Alexander Arthur Ljubic)
      Additional Composer (Jannis Leidel)
      Additional Composer (Kenichi Ikeda)
      Additional Composer (Kate Simms)
      Additional Composer (Robot)
      Additional Composer (Takay


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      There are many reasons that I appreciate you guys. I really don’t want to feel like a burden for you guys. At the same time, I don’t want to disappoint you guys.

      Thank you for your support. I hope you guys enjoy my game.

      A lot of people joined the hope to see some sexy girls.

      I will add the feature in the future.

      I don’t have enough ideas, but if you guys are up for it, you guys are more than welcome to be my beta testers!

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      Character description:

      Chigusa Hayashi


      + 8 Gatling Gun

      Chigusa is a tomboy type girl.

      She has a serious image.

      She is cheerful but she is kind of cold-hearted.

      She is passionate about hunting.

      She believes in justice.

      She is against violence and drugs.

      Mino Aizawa


      + 9 Pistols

      Mino is a very hot and feminine girl.

      She is cheerful but she can be a little annoying.

      She is a romantic at heart.

      She is very jealous.

      She doesn’t need any man to protect her.

      She wants a good husband.

      Sakae Hayami


      + 5 Katanas

      Sakae is a strong woman.

      She is very naive.

      She is selfish.

      She is very powerful.

      She is full of energy.

      She is very athletic.

      Sebastian Vins


      + 3 Lightning Gatling Gun

      Sebastian is the only unmarried guy in the squad.

      He’s kind of funny and charming.

      He is naive.

      He is flirtatious.

      He’s a great chef.

      He’s very hungry.

      Mana Fada


      + 3 Electric Pistol

      Mana is a very hot girl.

      She is very nice and sweet.

      She is a good friend.

      She is a strong-willed girl.

      She is also a generous person.

      She is enthusiastic about dancing and social activities.


      What’s new in Just Deserts:

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